Why the name Hawk Business Group?

Why the name? Here’s the story behind the name Hawk Business Group.

The name Hawk Business Group was inspired by an engineer at my last corporate job. I was working with him to handle a client’s service request and he gave me a deadline that he would have the request complete. As that deadline approached, I reached out to the engineer on status. There was no status change. While I understood that sometimes happens, I said OK, but still needed to get back to my client on the progress on time to complete. I persisted and held him to the timeline that he provided and during that conversation, he called me a hawk. “You don’t let up.”

I responded that my client is counting on me to provide an update, even if there’s no status change. My response is along the lines of “the engineer is actively working to address your request and I will check back with you again…” at a set hour.

And in this situation, had I not hovered like a hawk, the client’s request may have been delayed. At the time, I didn’t know if being called a hawk was a good or bad thing.

But I know it was a good thing, so BIG thanks to that engineer as the name is at the foundation of what my business is all about… ensuring that my client’s needs are being met, managing client expectations and communicating the delivery of quality services.

We can be a hawk for your business too. Contact us at 813-862-1808 or info@HawkBG.com.

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