Office Business Services

Project Coordination and Facilitation

We provide IT project coordination and facilitation for your business when you need help managing in-house or third party projects.

Our third party services include:

IT Vendor Relations Management

Looking to engage us for vendor management to handle your IT relationship on your behalf?

We will act on your behalf and manage your IT vendor relationships.

Complete the Contact Form with basic details of what you’re looking for and we’ll contact you to schedule a discovery call. During our discovery call, we’ll review your needs and identify the best IT solution for your business.

Direct IT Vendor Referral and Placement

Looking for a technical resource?

We’ll refer you to reputable technical resources. We will research, coordinate and liaise between your business and the select vendors. We then also help with the vendor selection process to help you with your decision to identify the best vendor to meet your ongoing technology needs.

How can we help you in your business? Complete our Contact Form so we may help customize an IT solution that will meet your needs. Contact us directly at 813-862-1808 |

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