Has your business performed a Network Audit?

A Network Audit is similar to an Internal Audit, but for your I.T. network so that means it is just as critical.

If you’ve made any of these statements, you need a network audit performed.

  • I’ve used the same guy for years and he takes care of it. I don’t worry about it.
  • We’re too small for hackers.
  • I have a full IT team. We have enough people watching our network.
  • We’ve never been breached.
  • We had a ransomware attack so it shouldn’t happen again.
  • I review reports daily checking for anomalies, nothing looks odd.
  • No news is good news.

A simple MSP audit starts with:

  • Checking physical access to network hardware
  • Inspecting network hardware and software
  • Running a network vulnerability scan
  • Reviewing user account access and activations

When was the last time you had your network audited by a third-party? With so many government entities & companies, big and small, being hit by ransomware, don’t risk it.

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